Friday, March 16, 2012

heart echoes

I received "Heart Echoes" by Sally John for free from Tyndale Publishing.  This novel stars Teal, her husband River, and her daughter Maiya.  They live in California.  The book opens up in LA with Teal and River in the middle of a major earthquake.  River is at home, but is injured; Teal in on a freeway.  She watches a bridge come down during the quake and then suffers from Post Traumatic Stress.  Where is Maiya?  Well, she's supposed to be at a friends house.  That is where things get interesting.  She, being 15, has sneaked to a camp ground with a 19 year old boy.  Anyway, this than that happens and Teal and Maiya wind up in Oregon visiting Teal's estranged family and visiting the ever present topic of "who's Maiya's daddy?" 
This is a really good book.  It is labled Christian, but I especially like how the Christians are human the whole time and not preachy.  They cuss, get knocked up, lie, feel guilty about it all, but still they are human.  This book shares the authors faith without jamming down your throat.  I'd read this if I were you.

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